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Governance Mechanism

Youves is a decentralised and self-governed platform. As a Decentralised Autonomous Organization (DAO), the platform uses a defined governance process to propose new platform amendments.

Voting Mechanism for YOU Holders#

Changes to youves are governed by a voting mechanism, that was established on youves governance page. When requested by ecosystem entities, a youves improvement proposal (YIP) is created and presented to the community with a request to cast their votes. Supported by Beacon, users can vote with the weight of YOUs in their wallet. YOU holders can either abstain, be 'in favor' of or be 'against' a YIP. The result of a vote is presented on youves and a report can be downloaded that is based on data on the Tezos blockchain.

Deployment of Code Changes#

The deployment process of code changes that were accepted by a vote are controlled by a group of keyholders who have an interest in the success of the platform. Such deployments are prospective in nature and keyholders don’t have access to user assets. Key holders include two members of the developer team and five external parties independent of the developer. The keyholders are members in a multisig contract, requiring any action to be approved by four of the seven members. This includes changing the configuration of the multisig itself. youves keyholders are Agile Ventures, Baking Bad, ECAD Labs, Kukai, Madfish, Papers and ubinetic.