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Applied Interest Rates

Each youves tracker token has its own set of asset and liability interest rates, which are calculated as explained in interest rate response.

Asset Interest Rates#

Savings Pools#

The below table goives an overview of the features of the savings pools.

Savings pool versionBailout featureLock up featureLong term interest ratesStatus

Savings pool V3#

The new savings pool V3 no longer has a lockup and also no longer has the bailout feature. It contains a long term interest rate feature, similar to the long term staking mechanism.

Savings Pool V1 -- Inactive#

The savings contract "savings V1", which was in place since the launch of youves on the mainnet does no longer give out rewards from Tuesday 26 November 2021 12:00pm UTC. Any uUSD which are kept in "savings V1" will have to be actively moved by their owners. Any potential bailout / minter conversion right will no longer be exercised against uUSD in "savings V1".

Savings Pool V2 -- Inactive#

Tuesday 2021-10-26 at 12:00pm UTC, the savings unlock period was introduced to youves. The upgrade relates to the amendment proposal YIP-001 C that was accepted in a vote by YOU holders. The introduction of the savings unlock period will be managed by introducing a new savings contract called “savings V2”. Putting uUSD into the "savings V2" works the same as it did with "savings V1". Holders of uUSD will have to unlock and claim interest from “savings V1” first and then lock-in their uUSD in the “savings V2” contract, to receive interest rewards going forward.

The introduced unlock period of six weeks allows users to claim uUSD from the “savings v2” at any time. Instantly after claiming uUSD, the claimed amount is moved from the savings account into a vesting account where it vests for six weeks without receiving rewards. After the vesting period, funds can be withdrawn and transferred, used as collateral (uUSD) or used to repay outstanding debt. Any potential bailout / minter conversion right will be exercised against uUSD in "savings V2" which have not been claimed yet.

Asset Interest Rate Mechanics#

An asset interest rate is applied to the balance of all tracker tokens of each type. The asset interest rate is the result of the calculation explained in interest rate response. In order to earn the interest rate on their tracker token balances, holders have to stake tracker tokens in the savings pool / minter conversion pool.
The application of the rate is done in two steps: At first it is applied to all tracker tokens of one type on the platform. Each time the interest amount is calculated, it is made available to holders who have staked tracker tokens of that type in the savings pool to which the rate will apply.


The below example is on uUSD, the same logic applies to other tracker tokens also.

  1. We start with the following assumptions:
    • The current total amount of youves tracker token balances is uUSD 1,000,000.
    • The asset interest rate per second is 1.55E-09 (roughly 5% per annum).
    • A fraction of 25% of all uUSD (uUSD 250,000) is put into the savings pool for saving.
    • Finally the observed time period is four hours.
  2. During the course of these four hours (14,400 seconds), the total asset interest rate income on the platform will be roughly uUSD 22.32. This interest income is available for savers in the platform.
  3. During this hour only the fraction of 25% of all youves tracker tokens are put into the savings pool for saving. Therefore the interest rate income of uUSD 22.32 will be available for claim by the savers in the pool.
  4. Effectively each uUSD in the savings pool is eligible to claim 8.93E-5 uUSD, which is roughly equivalent to a 20% annualised rate over the four hour time period.
Impact of uUSD in savingImpact of uUSD in saving percentage

Long-Term Interest Rates#

The interest rates incorporated in the savings pools have a long-term incentives program, similar to the long-term staking. The purpose of the long-term staking is to reward longer-term saving. It works similar to a normal savings pool, but the individual stakes are time-stamped. When claiming a wheighting factor is applied that grows linearly from 0% to 100% over the course of a time period, the full_weight_period_in_days. The full_weight_period_in_days is currently set to 180 days.


In order to be able to flexibly manage one's tracker token stake, the V3 savings pools allow to create different stakes, which can be claimed independently. The flexibility offered is similar to interacting with the unified staking pool with different wallets. Please note that every more stakes may also incur higher gas fees.


  1. On deposit, the stake is time-stamped and the user becomes eligible for ongoing interest rates earned by the savings pool; past rewards are not considered. This is the same methodology as in any normal savings pool.
  2. Every participant in the savings pool receives their unweighted interest rate returns token allocation on an ongoing basis.
  3. If another deposit is made by a user to an existing stake, then the weighted average is calculated as follows:
    average_age = (new_deposit * 0 + previous_deposit * Min(100%, age_in_days / full_weight_period_in_days)) / (previous_deposit + new_deposit)
    And the timestamp is updated to match the calculated average age.
  4. Please note that the previous_deposit does not include any interest rate rewards.
  5. As both the deposit and the rewards are in tracker tokens and the interest rate rewards have a compounding nature, there is no “claim” of rewards, only withdrawal of deposit and reward.
  6. On withdrawal, the age is calculated based on the deposit time-stamp. Then this formula is applied:
    weighted_reward = unweighted_reward * MIN(100%, age_in_days / full_weight_period_in_days)
  7. There is a residual payout
    residual_reward = unweighted_reward - weighted_reward
  8. The residual_reward is redistributed to the entire savings pool of the same pair and unweighted_reward is set to 0.
Early Withdrawal

Liability Interest Rates#

The liability interest rate is applied to outstanding youves tracker tokens of each type in vaults. It is equal to the used asset interest rate for the same type of tracker token plus a spread of 3.16E-10, this spread is roughly equivalent to 1.00% in annual interest rates.


  1. We start with the following assumptions:
    • We follow the example of the asset interest rates and all its parameters.
    • The outstanding youves tracker token amount is also uUSD 1,000,000.
    • The interest rate spread per second is 3.16E-10.
    • As a consequence, the liability interest rate per second is 1.89E-09 (roughly 6.04% per annum).
  2. During the course of the four hours (14,400 seconds), the total change in liabilities through the liability rate on the platform will be roughly uUSD 26.87, resulting in an outstanding youves tracker token amount of roughly 1,000,026.87.
  3. The liability interest rate affects all oustanding youves tracker tokens equally, there is no additional complexity as in the asset interest rates.

Platform Interest Income#

The spread (difference) in interest rates which is applied to assets and liabilities comprises the interest rate income of the platform.

Minting Process