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DEFI Index Details

The DEFI Index aims to reflect the performance of a representative selection of tokens in the decentralised finance space.

It follows the methodology outlined in the Index Overview.

Index Constituents#

Number of Constituents#

The Index is currently set up to contain five constituents.

Selection of Constituents#

The current constituents are the following.


Period Start Details#

For any rebalancing, the values for market cap and price USD of the tokens are observed on Coinmarketcap for convenience. The precisions are 100 million for the market cap and 1 cent for the token price USD respectively, the tez price USD is observed with precision 0.01 cents, in line with the data on the historical graphs on Coinmarketcap to simplify verification.

As of 2021-09-21 08:00 UTC

TokenMarket CapMarket Cap %Price USDCirculating Supply% * 1 tez% * USD# tokens
DEFI Index44,130,000,000.00100.00%1.0000005.462000

Period Performance#

  • To have reasonably liquid price observation sources for the index performance, the price of the tokens is observed against Tether (USDT) on the following 3 exchanges: Binance, and KuCoin.
  • For each token vs. USDT price the median is taken.
  • At the same time the tez vs. USDT price is also observed on the same three exchanges and again the median is taken.
  • Finally, for each token the price vs. tez is calculated.
  • These values enter the performance formula in Index Value on any Date for the price_of_token[t=tj, a=i] at time t=tj the start of the series s=j and for price_of_token[t=tk, a=i] at time t=tk during or at the end of the series s=j.

Change of Constituents and/or Number of Constituents#

The youves governance process can alter the index composition and the index methodology. Constituents can be added, removed or replaced and details of the calculations may be altered if necessary.