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Platform Feature Overview

This section provides an overview of three main youves features to clarify similar, yet different aspects of the platform.

Minting youves Tracker Tokens#

Eligible collateral can be locked in the youves secure vaults to mint or create tracker tokens. Minters are incentivized on an ongoing basis with the YOU token, the governance token of youves. Each week, a fixed amount of YOU is made available for claim by minters, i.e., those who have set up a vault and the amount claimed by a minter is dependent on their minting volume.

NOTE: The YOU weekly creation rate will halve periodically (every 52 weeks). This means that there is a limited supply of YOU and as a result, more YOU tokens will be allocated to early minters, because there are likely fewer minters in the beginning. More information can be found in the minting and burning section.

Saving youves Tracker Tokens#

youves tracker tokens can be created through minting or they can be bought on a DEX. This allows you to expand your cryptocurrency portfolio on the blockchain and also gives you the possibility to earn interest on your tokens. To receive this interest, holders of the youves tracker tokens must lock them in the youves savings pools. This interest is referred to as the "asset interest rate." The interest rate allocation for savers is also designed to incentivise early adopters, with the yield decreasing as more youves tracker tokens are locked into the savings pools.

In the case that any of the youves tracker tokens lose their peg or trades significantly below their target level, holders have the right to state their intention to convert their tracker tokens at a fee. These conversions do not take place at the target price of the tracker token, but they protect holders from unstable prices. More information can be found in interest rate applied.

Below an example with a 5% p.a. interest rate.

collateral story 6

Staking YOU#

YOU is the governance token of youves and you can either be earned as a minter or be bought on a DEX. YOU tokens are limited in supply and allow holders to govern the youves platform (refer to the governance section above).

YOU stakers are eligible to share from the platform revenue in staking rewards.

Swapping Tokens#

The swap feature enables exchange between listed tokens on the youves DEX. It makes use of the Flat Curve Constant Function Market Maker (CFMM) which is designed to optimize swaps for assets that ought to be pegged together. For example, uUSD and USDt, both representing the same value as a USD-based asset.