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Instances of Tracker Tokens

The following instances of youves tracker tokens are available. They all have the contract address KT1XRPEPXbZK25r3Htzp2o1x7xdMMmfocKNW with different IDs (see below). They all have 12 decimals.

TickerTracked UnderlyingIDDeployment NetworkStatusIs Crypto Asset
uUSDThe U.S. Dollar (USD), the official currency of United States of America0MainnetActiveYes
uDEFIThe Decentralised Finance Index (DEFI), an index tracking five major decentralised finance tokens.1MainnetInactiveYes
uBTCThe Bitcoin price (BTC) measured in USD.2MainnetActiveYes
uXTZThe Tez price (XTZ) measured in USD.2MainnetActiveYes

For all of the above, the target price of one tracker token is one unit of the tracked underlying.

Trading Hours#

Synthetic Crypto Assets#

Synthetic crypto assets are tradeable 24 hours, 7 days a week. No special treatment needed.