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Instances of Tracker Tokens

The following instances of youves tracker tokens are available.

TickerTracked UnderlyingTarget PriceDeployment
uUSDThe U.S. Dollar (USD), the official currency of United States of AmericaThe price of one uUSD measured in USD aims to be 1.0.Mainnet
uDEFIThe ubinetic Decentralised Finance Index (DEFI), the ubinetic index tracking five major decentralised finance tokens.The price of one uDEFI measured in DEFI aims to be 1.0.Mainnet

Please note that the vaults for the uDEFI token will allow to opt-in on the holder conversion right. Those vaults that do not opt-in, will never be selected for a holder conversion and the collateral in the vault cannot be exchanged for outstanding tokens. However, these vaults will also not receive any YOU tokens. Any one vault can only do the opt-in decision once and it is non reversible.