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Instances of Tracker Tokens

The following instances of youves tracker tokens are available. They all have the contract address KT1XRPEPXbZK25r3Htzp2o1x7xdMMmfocKNW with different ids (see below). They all have 12 decimals.

TickerTracked UnderlyingIDDeployment NetStatusIs Crypto Asset
uUSDThe U.S. Dollar (USD), the official currency of United States of America0MainnetActiveYes
uDEFIThe Decentralised Finance Index (DEFI), an index tracking five major decentralised finance tokens.1MainnetInactiveYes
uBTCThe Bitcoin price (BTC) measured in USD.2MainnetActiveYes
uXTZThe Tez price (XTZ) measured in USD.2MainnetActiveYes

For all of the above, the target price of one tracker token is one unit of the tracked underlying.


Please note that the vaults for the newer tracker tokens token (all except uUSD with tez collateral) will allow to opt-in to the holder conversion right. Those vaults that do not opt-in, will never be selected for a holder conversion and the collateral in the vault cannot be exchanged for outstanding tokens. However, these vaults will also not receive any YOU tokens. Any one vault can only do the opt-in decision once and it is non reversible.

Trading Hours#

Synthetic Crypto Assets#

Synthetic crypto assets are tradeable 24 hours, 7 days a week. No special treatment needed.

Synthetic Non-Crypto Assets#

Synthetic non-crypto assets are based on “traditional finance” and do not have underlying markets which offer high-trading-volume price feeds 24 hours, seven days a week.

There are different ways of dealing with this. The youves platform currently distinguishes between actions that require an oracle price feed and those that do not. Those that do not need an oracle price feed have no restrictions. Those actions that need an oracle price feed have restricted hours, as shown below.

Active non-stop

  • Trading
  • Burning
  • Adding & removing liquidity from a DEX

Restricted hours

  • minting
  • Bailouts
  • Holder conversions
  • Step-ins
TickerRestricted Hours
uXAUThe weekend is defined as Friday 21:00 UTC to Monday 0:00 UTC, currently there are no adjustments for daylight savings time in any market.