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Introducer Reward Programme

The v3 engine, proposed and accepted in YIP-007 contains "A referral system to attract the introduction of new users."


Existing youves users can create an introducer link for their connected wallet, after connecting to the frontend. It can be found in the account menu (“Share introducer link”).It can also be created manually by replacing [walletaddress] with the introducers tezos address:[walletaddress]

If a new user enters the platform via introducer link, the frontend will identify the introducer and submit it when the new user creates a vault.

The following applies:

  • An introducer can only be set at the time of vault creation.
  • If an introducer is set, it cannot be changed later on.
  • Once a vault has been created without an introducer, it is not possible to add one at a later time.

The introducer will receive a YOU token allocation equal to a fraction (the introducer ratio below) of the YOU token allocation of the new minter. The allocation to the introducer is paid additionally, it is not coming from the new minter's allocation.

NOTE: The introducer reward doesn’t apply to the 0% minting fee engines and to the cCHF engine.

#TokenEngineCollateralMinting FeeIntroducer Ratio


Without introducer#

  1. Minter A does not specify an introducer.
  2. New minter A mints 1,000 uUSD in the v3 engine.
  3. Minter A gets allocated x YOU tokens per week.

With introducer#

  1. Minter B specifies an introducer C (via introducer link or directly on the smart contract).
  2. New minter B mints 1,000 uUSD in the v3 engine.
  3. Minter B gets allocated x YOU tokens per week, same as minter A.
  4. Introducer C gets introducer_ratio * x YOU tokens per week.

For manual use#

Any user D can advertise minting on youves with an introducer link that contains a query string with their wallet (e.g. ). Any new minters which use the link will specify the user D as introducer in newly created v3 vaults.

For developers#

Developers can implement the introducer logic directly in their applications, such as wallets, market places etc. This way, their users can mint uUSD or uBTC or uXTZ directly out of the application and the developer gets the introducer allocation.

More information on the engines can be found in the links below: